All Spice 多香果
Helps to relieve pain, provides antioxidants
Amomum 沙仁
Helps with digestion
Bay Leaf 香叶
Helps with digestion
Black Cardamom 豆蔻
Helps with digestion
Cinnamon 桂皮
Strengthens stomach and kidney
Clove 丁香
Relieves muscle pain
Coriander Seed 香菜籽
Helps heal toothaches, strengthens stomach
Cumin 孜然
Helps with digestion, makes food more appetizing
Female Ginseng 白芷
Helps battle an infection, increases energy levels
Fennel Seed 茴香籽
Benefits for stomach health
Gardenia Fruit 栀子
Good for healing a cough and fever
Increases blood flow, helps to detoxify body
Boosts immune system, good for healing a cold and cough
Lesser Galangal 高良姜
Benefits for stomach and spleen pain
Licorice 甘草
Helps to heal a cough and fever
Nuteg 肉蔻
Benefits for stomach, spleen, and intestine health
Orange Peel 陈皮
Helps with digestion, good for healing a cough
Red Yeast Rice 红曲米
Increases blood flow, lowers blood sugar
Sand Ginger 山奈
Helps with digestion, relieves pain
Increases blood flow, boosts immune system
Star Anise 八角
Helps with digestion
Szechuan Numbing Peppercorn 花椒
Lowers blood pressure, makes food more appetizing
True Cardamom 白豆蔻
Eases stomach pains, makes food more appetizing